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Production Plant

Schwanz GmbH is your perfect printed circuit board partner!

We specialise in the manufacture of prototype and high quality, small series printed circuit boards. The company was founded in 1974 at Hildesheim, Germany and in 1986 we moved to the current building with its expanded production area of 1500m2.

The majority of our 30 staff are long term employees allowing the company, and our customers, to benefit from many years of dedicated and enthusiastic service.

This commitment also serves to strengthen our preference for long term relationships with business partners, an advantage for both parties. Large international players as well as national and regional offices in the electronics industry give us their continued loyalty based on this philosophy.
Our company strategy is one of individual service, providing consistent, high quality products and services utilising the latest technology.

Customer satisfaction remains our primary aim and, as such, every employee at every level contributes to supply an unbeatable service. Our flat management structure allows flexibility, rapid response and decision making leading to fast track production.
Ultimately, we provide an individual, competent and reliable service.

Our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and American UL Certificates confirm our continuing commitment to maintaining high quality standards. We continually review our quality and production and provide our customers the latest available technology. Our policy is to re-invest at least 10% per annum of our annual turnover in new technology to maintain these high standards.

Schwanz GmbH is your competent printed circuit board partner.