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Schwanz GmbH produce high tech printed circuit boards.

Every year we invest more then 10% of our annual turnover in leading edge technology to maintain and improve our production and technical capabilities. Convince yourself with a plant tour, you are always welcome at our Hildesheim facility.

Our qualified employees in the CAM department prepare data for our CNC machines in the production process. We have 5 CAM workstations and 1 Gerber Laser Plotter with 8000dpi. Viewmaster Pro from LAVENIR Tech. Inc. is used to edit customer supplied data.

Pro Sys 1 Drilling Machine  
Pro Sys 1 Drilling Machine
Our automatic drilling machines from Weesel are able to drill micro vias down to 100µm diameter. The machines feature SPS loading systems with 23 bit positions. Automatic laser checks guarantee the integrity of the tools. Other features include laser justified axis with linear measurement, controlled deep drilling and a run out monitor during each measurement.
Our capacity includes another 4 drill and mill machines from Schmoll with 9 spindles.

Scribing Machine
Our CNC scribing machine from HML is able to scribe at 200µm seperation on a 120 x 120 mm board. The minimal processable thickness of laminate is 0.5 mm, the maximum thickness is 3.2 mm

The plant capabilities of our plating area enable us to manufacture impedance controlled multilayer boards up to 12 layers as well as single and double sided boards.
Our plating area plant is capable of manufacturing inner layers up to 50 µm as well as micro and buried vias.
We offer several options to protect the copper tracks. You may specify chemically or electrolytically applied NiAu, chemical tin, hot-air-leveling or an organic coating.

Our laboratory monitors the quality of our process and plating bath chemicals by regular microscope and photopolymer examination.

We use a three platten lamination press with vacuum chamber type LP-4000 VK manufactured by HML. .

Adaptertest (speedy 280)
CamTec AOI - System
Every single board has to pass various quality checks at different stages of our manufacturing process. Depending on the process stage we check the boards visually or electronically.
The Quality Department has two dedicated employees who work with three flying probe systems, one from Mania and an AOI System from Camtec. They also use a coating thickness measurement system from Multiline.

The AOI system compares the board with the Gerber data of the customer. The system visualises the board with a 20 times enlargement and a 60µm resolution.

Our flying probe units are suitable for fine pitch tests with seperations down to 100µm. The Hiram technique for the insulation test from Mania allows a higher speed with the same test confidence.

Printing Area  
We can add soldering varnish, screen printing and assembly varnish to our standard varnish. For your individual requirements we offer through hole silver conductive paste and peelable solder resist.